Utilizing Access Control Systems To guard Areas and Buildings

Utilizing Access Control Systems To guard Areas and Buildings

Access control systems are designed to control or restrict entry to an area, to buildings or rooms to people who are authorized only. This can be addressed with tickets, locks, keys, or automated systems that require a digital key in to gain entrance.

In most instances, the access is dependent upon some kind of credential that you will find presented to a code reader or similar device that will detect the proper digital signal in order to allow entrance. Fortress Lock

An analog lock and key system will permit entrance to an area whenever you want, as long as the individual wishing to enter has the proper key. An electronic digital system can be coded to fit any schedule in the convenience of the administrator with the system and it can be electronically changed whenever you want as well.

With electronic systems, the attempts to enter the system may be recorded, as far as the successful attempts, and the unsuccessful attempts. Digital images could be take of each individual wanting to enter the system. In reality, in some systems digital image is the key to entering the system, or it could be the imprint of your person's retina in their eye that may be the key. In this way also, an unsuccessful attempt gives the identity of the individual.

Keys, credentials and other types of items may be passed around, thus thwarting the intended use of the ID key. If Joe gives Jim his credential, or Jim simply takes it, now Jim can access the area. In order to prevent this sort of occurrence from happening, a 2 tier ID system can be put into place.

Now if Jim takes Joe's ID, a second factor such as a pin should also be known in order for Jim to get into the system. In most cases this will thwart entry by most unauthorized users. Fortress Lock

For an extreme security method, access control systems could use a triple coding system to use for entry. This could consist of:

 - something the consumer can be issued, for instance a smart card, or perhaps a key fob
 - something that the user knows, such as a PIN number or a password
 - a thing that is totally unique to the user such as a fingerprint or perhaps a retina scan.

Restricting use of certain areas or buildings assures that just the people required to take an area will be there with no one else. This if vital of internal security of the business of government situation.


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